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Rabu, 12 Maret 2008

Digital Portfolios Reflection

In this year so far I made three digital portfolios. A blog, a Google page maker and the one that I am now working on which is an iWeb. They are not really different from each other, but the way you make it, is different. Blog and Google page maker is similar you have to make it on the Internet but iWeb is a program that Mac had. So, we just make it on the computer.

The Blog
I have been making this blog since the first time I came to grade 5. It was in August. Making the blog is a really fun thing to do for me. I could change the template, put the glitter graphics and the flash toys. I put my summaries there, my reflections and all of the work that I've made this year. Making a blog taught me a lot of new technologies. I also learned how to edit blogs, puts pictures into the blog, change templates and it was really fun, even though I got a lot of problems.

Goggle Page Maker
I start making googlepages since November 2007. Making googlepages is harder than to make the blog. It was a little bit to complicated for me because you have to link all the pages to the page that you have just created. You also have to make sure that all of the links in your googlepages works and you have to make sure that you publish the page. It was also harder than blogger because if you want to change the templates you have to do it one by one and it takes longer time to do it. In this activity I learned that making a website is not that easy. Actually, when I was still in grade 4 I really want to make a website.

I started making the iWeb on January 2008. I think its the same like blog you just have to type and insert the pictures. The difference is that you have to make blogs on the Internet but with iWeb you just make it on the computer and I think iWeb is available only on Macintosh.

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