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Minggu, 06 April 2008

My Holiday to Europe and Bangkok

Have you ever been to Europe? Do you know where did I go for my holiday? Do you know how beautiful is Europe? Well, during my holiday I went to Spain, Rome and Bangkok. I stayed in Spain for 4 days. I stayed in Rome for 2 days and also 2 days in Bangkok. I went there with my family.

It took us 40 hours to go to Spain, because first we had to go to Taipei, then Bangkok, after that Rome, Milan and ended in Spain. When we arrived at Spain my dad's friends were waiting for us in the airport. After that they left us in the hotel. We didn't go anywhere because we arrived at 11 p.m. The next morning we went to see the festival. Its called "Fallas" (fayas). It was the festival where some people who lived in Valencia had to make some kind of a statue. The nicest statue will win. This year the theme was "Fairy tales from Europe". Those statue were very nice but only one group won. This group won for 5 years in a row. This year they used 13 million rupiah just to make the statue. We saw the "Fallera" (fayera) also. People called the ladies and girls who wear dresses like princesses on Fallas, Fallera. Babies could also join in this festival. The man and boys also had this kind this festival, but they wear the one for the man, of course. They called "Fallero" (fayero). They only had this festival for once in a year. 
There is also this festival where we have to throw tomatoes to each other. This festival called "Tomatina". You have to wear the goggles, so that the tomato seed wouldn't hit your eyes. This festival will happen on August.

After that we went to Rome. We didn't do a lot of things in Rome because it is a small city. We went to the fountain and the Vatican City only. In the fountain we throw coins to make wishes. Vatican city is a famous place in Rome.

Then we went to Bangkok. Bangkok is our last destination. We didn't go to a lot of place, but we went to this place where the gay perform. It was very funny. Most of the gay were like real ladies because they make this operation and change their bodies and faces exactly the same like other ladies. This place called Mambo.
After that we went back to our home sweet home, Indonesia.

So, that is my holiday. Are you interested to go to Europe and Bangkok? 

8 komentar:

E3 Students mengatakan...

My name is Katherine i'm going to Europe in the middle of the year and i'm goning to paris itlay and londen for my sister graduation i hope you had a really fun time in Bangkok and Europe please reply it would be great if i heard from you

thanks katherine

E3 Students mengatakan...

Hi michelle i'm sarah your blog is really awsomeyour pet frog is really cute!!!

Please write back

Love sarah :)

E3 Students mengatakan...

Hey I love your plant you must look after it because it is nearly in full bloom. I like your sparkly angel it rox. Alana

E3 Students mengatakan...

Hi michelle your blog is fantastic I enjoyed looking at your blog
from jessica

E3 Students mengatakan...

Hi Michelle
My name is Katie
I really like your blog
Your trip to Europe must have been fun to go on:)

Pinky Desiree mengatakan...

Hi Michelle. I had read your holiday story in it was a long trip. What did you do in the plane in 40 hours? I think if I was you, I will go to the bath room all the time and sleep all the time.

Anonim mengatakan...

hi! It's an interesting story! It 's great!

Mandy's Blog! mengatakan...

It's Mandy. I have read of the things that happen in your holiday. The thing I like best is the festivals. You describe the things, real good. It really makes people want to go and see the things that you saw. I just think you should watch your grammar a little moe, that's all.