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Minggu, 28 Oktober 2007

Sikhism Display Description

First, I will type the title and all of the writings in the computer so, it would be neat. The title will be on the very top with a little introduction. There will be a lot of posters on my display it was gonna be 3 posters. For the posters I will use styrofoam because styrofoam is colourful and it was stronger. At the edge of the board I will have a box of candy for people who wants it. I will have photo booth in my exhibition so, people will wear the dress from Sikhism religion that I have provided and they will stand in front of the picture of Sikhism temple then I will take a picture of them and I will print them right away so, they could bring it home. I will stick the picture of the temple on the very bottom so if little kids wants to take a picture they do not have to use chairs. Not everybody could take the picture because the costume is not large. This photo booth is for free. On the table there will be the costumes for the photo booth.

Kamis, 18 Oktober 2007

My diary

Dear diary,
Today I was so tired because yesterday I had just came back from Malaysia. Today I have to do my homework. School almost starts and I haven't done all of my homework especially there is a lot of things I have to do for my exhibition.


Rabu, 03 Oktober 2007

Beatrix Potter

Do you believe that animals could talk to us? How big is your imagination? Miss Beatrix Potter was an artist and a good writer. She had a very big imagination. Do you want to know more about Miss Beatrix Potter?

Miss Potter had a very big imagination. She thought that every single character that she drew could talk to her. She talked to them just like when she talked to humans.
Miss Potter was very creative. She could draw really well and she could write interesting stories. She was a very independent person because she could be successful without her parents money or somebody helping her. Her mom didn't believe that Miss Beatrix could be so successful.
At the end Miss Beatrix moved to Top Hill Farm because she wanted to be independent. One of Miss Beatrix Potter's friends lived there. His name was Mr Willy Heelis. Mr Heelis went to Ms Potter's house and he looked at her drawings and talked to them. Finally Ms Potter married Mr Heelis and they lived happily ever after.