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Minggu, 02 Desember 2007

My Bridge to Terabithia cover

Bridge to Terabithia

1. Why is Jess wearing neither a shirt nor shoes?

A: Because it would be very hot when he began running and he doesn't wear his shoes because his feet was already tough.

2. Why has he gotten up early every morning in the summer?

A: Because he had to run to his school to be the fastest runner in the fifth grade when school had just opened.

3. Who is Miss Bessie?

A: Miss Bessie is a cow

4. What news does May Belle share with Jess in the bean patch?

A: May Belle told Jess that people were moving into the old Perkins place, down on the next farm.

5. Why does Jess like May Belle?

A: Because May Belle would do the things that Jess asked her to do.

6. What does Jess keep under the mattress?

A: He kept his drawings under the mattress.

7. What was Jess's first reaction when he met Leslie Burke?

A: Jess was shocked and he kept looking at Leslie.

8. How is Leslie different to the others tudents?

A: Because she dress differently and she joined the race that a girl never joined before.

9. What did the boys organize outside once they had been dismissed after eating their lunch?

A: They are organizing for the race.

10. Why does Jess sit beside May Belle on the bus?

A: Because Jess doesn't want Leslie to sit beside him.

11. Why was not running fun anymore?

A: Because now Leslie was the fastest runner in the fifth grade.

12. Why was Leslie unable to do the project on Jacques Costeau?

A: Because she don't have any television at her house.

13. Have you ever had a secret place where you went with your friends? Describe it?

A: I don't have any secret place that me and my friend go.

14. Who was the 'real' giant in their lives

A: It was Janice Avery.

15. What plan of action do they decide on to pay back Janice Avery?

A: They decided to write a fake love note to Janice Avery from Willard Hughes.

Minggu, 25 November 2007

My piano report

Piano was a type of simple machine. It was lever. The lever was the piano keys. Levers help you move the items that are heavy. Piano was a very popular instrument. Most people used piano for their performances.

Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the piano. It was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori around 1720 in Padua, Italy.

The word piano came from pianoforte. Most of the width of the piano was 150 centimeter. Piano is mostly used in western music. I think piano was an interesting intrument because of the way it works. It was very unique.

My scissors report

Scissors was a type of a compound machine. It was two blades joined together. The pivot make the blades joined together. Scissors are used to cut thin materials such as paper, cardboard, metal foil and so on.

Ancient Egypt was the place where the scissors was invented. It was on 1500 BC. Scissors was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Children's scissors are not really sharp some of them was protected by plastic. I think scissors are important because without scissors it will be hard for us to cut the papers.


Rabu, 14 November 2007

Go Kart

Have you ever make a wooden Go Kart? Are you interested to make a wooden Go Kart? Well, if you are interested then, let's make a wooden Go Kart! A wooden Go Kart is not really easy to make you have to be careful when you cut the woods.

First you have to make your plan for your wooden Go kart. You should design your plan and look for the things that you need to make your Go Kart. Gather all the equipment that you need.

If you have all of the equipments with you, you could start making your Go Kart.You could start by cutting the woods. Make sure that you cut the length and the width of the wood correctly. After that you could start hammering the nails to put the woods together.

Then you have to put the wheels on your Go Kart. To put the wheels on may be you will need some adults who have experience to put tires on car. You could use your feet to ride this Go Kart! Enjoy!

Jumat, 09 November 2007

I believe, You believe

Theme: How we express ourselves

Central Idea: The beliefs and culture are conveyed through
rituals, celebrations,the arts and the way people live their lives.


Our beliefs

In this activity we had to write down what we believed when we were young. I wrote that when I was young I believed that Santa Claus will give me presents for Christmas so every night before Christmas I alwys prepare cookies and a glass of milk for Santa, but in the morning the cookies and the milk was still there , because of that now I didn't believe that Santa Claus is here. We share our beliefs to everyone in the class. It was interesting to know people beliefs. I felt so happy when I was doing this activity, because sometimes people believe things that are impossible and that made me laugh.

Beatrix Potter

When we did this activity we watched a movie about Beatrix Potter. We looked at how Beatrix believed that her drawings could talk to her. Beatrix Potter was a famous artist. She could draw really good and she could write interesting stories. In this activity I thought that I needed to be a thinker to make the summary of Beatrix Potter.

God's Love

In this activity I think I need to be knowledgeable so I could make the correct syllables. We have to make somthing that look like a poem about God's Love, the difference between poem and Haiku is that the first line of Haiku must be 5 syllables, the second line must be 7 syllables and the third line must be 5 syllables.

Religion Project

In this project we have to write what do we know about the religion that we pick. It was not easy to do this because I pick Sikhism religion. Sikhism religion was not a common religion that is why it is hard for me tho find the infomation.


In this exhibition I learned about other religion. It was so hard to have this exhibition because I needed a lot of information for this exhibition. I felt confused when I was doing this exhibition.

Field trip

In the field trip we went to the Istiqal Mosque and the Cathedral church. I learned a lot of things from this field trip such as the activity that Islam has, the thing that the catholic likes to do and other things.

Minggu, 28 Oktober 2007

Sikhism Display Description

First, I will type the title and all of the writings in the computer so, it would be neat. The title will be on the very top with a little introduction. There will be a lot of posters on my display it was gonna be 3 posters. For the posters I will use styrofoam because styrofoam is colourful and it was stronger. At the edge of the board I will have a box of candy for people who wants it. I will have photo booth in my exhibition so, people will wear the dress from Sikhism religion that I have provided and they will stand in front of the picture of Sikhism temple then I will take a picture of them and I will print them right away so, they could bring it home. I will stick the picture of the temple on the very bottom so if little kids wants to take a picture they do not have to use chairs. Not everybody could take the picture because the costume is not large. This photo booth is for free. On the table there will be the costumes for the photo booth.

Kamis, 18 Oktober 2007

My diary

Dear diary,
Today I was so tired because yesterday I had just came back from Malaysia. Today I have to do my homework. School almost starts and I haven't done all of my homework especially there is a lot of things I have to do for my exhibition.


Rabu, 03 Oktober 2007

Beatrix Potter

Do you believe that animals could talk to us? How big is your imagination? Miss Beatrix Potter was an artist and a good writer. She had a very big imagination. Do you want to know more about Miss Beatrix Potter?

Miss Potter had a very big imagination. She thought that every single character that she drew could talk to her. She talked to them just like when she talked to humans.
Miss Potter was very creative. She could draw really well and she could write interesting stories. She was a very independent person because she could be successful without her parents money or somebody helping her. Her mom didn't believe that Miss Beatrix could be so successful.
At the end Miss Beatrix moved to Top Hill Farm because she wanted to be independent. One of Miss Beatrix Potter's friends lived there. His name was Mr Willy Heelis. Mr Heelis went to Ms Potter's house and he looked at her drawings and talked to them. Finally Ms Potter married Mr Heelis and they lived happily ever after.

Rabu, 19 September 2007

Beatrix Potter

Can you imagine that this bunny could talk to you? How deep is your imagination? Beatrix Potter drew this bunny. She believes that the characters in her story would act like humans. She talks to every single drawing that she drew. She has a very deep imagination.
Do you want to know more about her?

Sikh Religion

Do you know what is Sikh? Have you heard about this religion? Sikh is a religion that came from Punjab region of northern India. They only believe in one God. It was 500 years old. Do you want to know more about Sikh religion? Please read the explanation below!

What is Sikhism?

Sikhism religion was found by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 1469. Now Sikhism has 26 millions follower in the whole world. It was almost the 5th largest religions in the world. Sikhism had ten Gurus now. In Christian religion Gurus means priest. Sikhism is different with hindu or islam. 83.000 Sikh soldiers died in the second world war. People in USA who wore turban are the Sikh.Beside is the picture of turban. It was a kind of hat.

Where does it came from?
Beside is the map of Punjab. Punjab is where the Sikh religion started. Punjab was in northwest India. A lot of Sikhism live in there. Some of the Sikh live in USA for over 100 years.

Sikhs live in America since 1897. The first Sikhism temple in USA was in Stockton, 1912.

What are the symbols?

Sikhism religion had two symbols.

This is one of the symbol. It present two swords. This symbol means belief in one God. It called "The Khanda".

This is another symbol that the Sikhism had. It reminds the Sikh that there is only one God. It says "IK OANKAR" that means "God is one being".

Why there is no more gurus after the ten guru died?
Because it was decided that Sikhism will have Holy Book. Holy Book was like the bible in christian religion. It was called the Guru Granth Sahib.

Sikhism believe in one God only. They worship in the temple or gurudrawa. Gurudrawa means the gate way of gurus.

Thank You for reading this article.


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Kamis, 13 September 2007

What is God?

God is a person who is looking at us now. God is a person who is also carig and he also loves all fo us. He is the one who loves creating living things. God is helping me everytime I need his help. I think God is my helper and he is also leading us. I believe that God is helping me to do my task now because I can't write these many words if God didn't help me. I believe that God is protecting the humans. I can talk to God by reading the bible, praying, going to church and more.

UOI reflection

Body Works
Central Idea:
The human body is designed for movement in work and play and can be affected by variety of things.
Body works was the first topic for our Unit of Inquiry (UOI). In this unit we have done a lot of activities, such as a drawing of my body, a visit from the school doctor, group presentations and many more.
When we did the drawing of my body I thought I was principled because I can finish my drawing in time. Even though I haven’t finish most of my drawing I tried to do what I said I will do and because I believe that I could finish my drawing in time and I was open minded because I listened to what my friend said about my drawing.
When we got a visit from the doctor I thought I was open minded because I listened to what the doctor said and didn’t make any noise. I thought I was knowledgeable because when the doctor asked questions I could answer them. I thought I learned a lot of things about bone fractures.
When we did the group presentations I thought I was open minded because I listened to what the other groups said about their own topic. I thought I was caring too because when the other groups were talking I listened to their explanations because I know how they felt when we made noises.

That was my reflection about this UOI topic. I learned a lot of things in this unit. Thank you

Michelle P

Drawing Pad

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Sabtu, 08 September 2007

I believe........

When I was young I believe that Santa claus is here. Every christmas I put my sock near my bed. When I woke up there is no present inside my sock.
I was crying for the whole day, until my dad tells me that Santa claus is not here.

My chocolate cake haiku

My skull haiku

Kamis, 06 September 2007

My adopted pet

Selasa, 04 September 2007

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Kamis, 30 Agustus 2007

The Digestive System

Hi, I am a sandwich. I have chicken smoke, letuce, cheese, tomato and omelet inside me. As a food I know that I had to be eaten by everybody and have to gave tham energy and some vitamin. Come and join my adventure to the digestive system from the first until the end.
Aww!! She started to bite me with her strong and solid teeth. After I turned into small parts the tounge help me to get down the esophagus.
Now I was in the esophagus. The esophagus is a tube that connected your mouth to your stomach. Your esophagus is a muscular tube and the mucles in the esophagus helps me to get down the stomach.
I was in the stomach now. In the stomach I get mixed up with some liquids until I turned into something like water. After that I went to the small
Now I was in the small intestine. The small intestine is about 20 - 25 feet long. I was very dizzy being in the small intestine because it was twisted, folded, and turned many times. It was like a big bowl of spaghetti, but the small intestine was more organized.
After that I went to the large intestine. The job of the large intestine is to remove the water from the undigested food. After the water has been removed from the undigested food it turns into solid waste. The solid waste collects in the rectum then finally leave the body through an opening called anus.
That is the end of my adventure to the digestive system.
The Facts:
1. After food has been all mashed up in your stomach, it's called chyme ("kime")!
2. An adult stomach can hold approximately 1.5 liters of materials.
3. The stomach's wall is lined with three layers of powerful muscles.
4. The small intestine is a long tube about 1 and a half to 2 inches around, and about 22 feet long.
5. Food stays in your stomach for 2 to 3 hours.
6. The large intestine is about 3 to 4 inches around, and is about 5 feet long.
7. We get two sets of teeth. Our 20 baby teeth are replaced at around 6 - 7 years of age with our 32 adult teeth.
8. You get a new stomach lining every three days!
9. Your body makes about one liter of saliva every day.
10. Your large intestine takes your undigested food paste and turns into solid waste by removing the water.
Avison, Brigid (1993)
I wonder why my tummy rumbles
Kingfisher Publication
Review the Digestive System with the Digestion MAP.
Accessed on August 2 2007

Senin, 27 Agustus 2007

My Avatar

This is one of my avatar. This one is a mermaid.

Selasa, 21 Agustus 2007


Last holiday I went to Malaysia with my grandpa and my aunt. We stayed there for 8 days. Above, there is a picture of chinese statue. I have fun in Penang, especially when I played with my uncle's son and daughther. My uncle gave me a bracelet and I gave his son a game boy. In Penang we went to the temple for Budhist. There is a huge statue over there.

After that we went to the Butterfly Park. The butterfly was around the park it flies everywhere. There is a lot of Salamander and dry insects over there.
The Butterfly Park was a wonderful place to visit.

That is my holiday! Hope you enjoy reading it.
To everyone who read this post please give a comment.

-Thank You-

Senin, 20 Agustus 2007


Minggu, 19 Agustus 2007


Hi, my name is Michelle P. I had a big brother he is 21 years old and my little sister is 8 years old. Tomorrow is my brothers birthday (21 August ). I love to travel, watch movies and play computer.

Thank You