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Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter Summary

The sun was bright, but the ground was still covered with snow on the morning of the big day.

In front of the gates there were a group of people wanted to watch the lucky winners get in the factory. They were pushing and shouting and the policeman was trying to hold them with their arms so that they wouldn't get inside the factory.

Beside the gates, there were five children with their parents beside them.

Grandpa Joe could be seen standing quietly with little Charlie Bucket holding grandpa's hand tightly.

The other kids, except Charlie had their parent with them and it was good so their parent could hold them from getting in the factory.

Everybody in the crowd remembered each one of the lucky winners.

Charlie squeezed grandpa's hand and grandpa looked at him and smiled. Then the clock strike ten. The crowd became very silent and they were starring on the gates. Slowly the gate opens. 
There he is!! somebody shouted.

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