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Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Chapter 24

Mr Wonka bring them to the nut room. THE NUT ROOM it was said on the door.

Ok, said Mr Wonka. Let's stop here for a while and take look. Please don't get in there because you will disturb the squirrels.
Oh look, grandpa look! cried Charlie

'Squirrels!' shouted Veruca Salt

It was a really good view. There were one hundred squirrels sitting down on a huge table with lots of nuts. They were shelling nuts really fast.

These squirrels are trained to shell those nuts! Mr Wonka explained.

Why squirrels? asked Mike Teavee. "Why not use Oompa Loompas?

"Because,' answer Mr Wonka. "Oompa Loompas always break them into two pieces. The squirrels were wonderful isn't they. Look! Watch that squirrel! He got the bad one they threw it away to the big hole on the floor."

"Mummy!" shouted Veruca Salt. "I've decide that I wanted a squirrel! Get me one of them!"

"No, you can't sweetheart." said Mrs Salt. "They belong to Mr Wonka."

"I don't care!" shouted Veruca. "I want one. All I got is those silly animals. I want a squirrel!"

"All right." Mrs Salt said. " I will get you a squirrel soon."

"But I don't want any squirrel. I want a trained squirrel." said Veruca

"Well, then Mr Wonka. Name your price for one of those squirrel." said Mr Salt

"They are not for sale. She can't have one." said Mr Wonka

"Who says I can't!" shouted Veruca. "I'm going to get in then."

No don't! Mr Wonka said quickly, but he is too late Veruca already got in.

When she entered the room, the squirrels stopped shelling the nuts and they all stared at her.

Veruca stopped and look at them. Then she know which one will she chose. It was the little one who is holding a walnut.

"Ok" Veruca said. "I want you."

She is trying to grab the squirrel....but as she did....all the squirrels on the table running towards her and cover all of her body. Her arms and her legs was all covered.

And one of them (the leader) were tapping Veruca's head.

"Save her!" Mrs Salt shouted. "Veruca! What are they doing?"

" They're trying to see if she is a bad nut." said Mr Wonka. "Watch"

Veruca can't stop moving, but the squirrels were so strong. The leader of the squirrels is still tapping Veruca's head.

Then the squirrels pulled Veruca across the floor.

"Oh, she is a bad nut." Mr Wonka said. "Her head must sound hollow."

Veruca kicked and shouted, but the strong paws still holding her.

"Where are they going to take her?" asked Mrs Salt

"She is going to the pipe that goes to the rubbish bin!" said Mr Wonka

"Oh no, she is going to the bin!" said Mr Salt, staring to his daughter as she goes down the pipe.

"SAVE HER!" cried Mrs Salt

"Too late", said Mr Wonka. "She is gone."

"But where is the bin?" asked Mr Salt

"It was in a place where there is fish heads, floor dirt, potatoes skin and all kind of rubbish." explained Mr Wonka

"Who eats fishes and potatoes in here?" asked Mike Teavee

"I do." answered Mr Wonka

"But where does the pipe go to at the end?" asked Mrs Salt

"Oh, it goes to the place where you burned the rubbish." Mr Wonka said calmly

Mrs Salt opened her mouth and screamed

"Don't worry", said Mr Wonka. " There is a chance that they wouldn't burn it today".

"Only a chance!" yelled Mrs Salt. "Veruca will be fried like a sausage!"

"Almost, my dear" said Mr Salt. "Now see here, Wonka" he added. "You can't turned my daughter into a crisp. I will be very angry.

"Oh, don't be angry, my dear sir!" said Mr Wonka. " She might be stuck in the pipe, all you have to do is pull her up again."

As long as Veruca's parents heard what Mr Wonka said they both ran over to the nut room.

"Veruca!" shouted Mrs Salt. "Are you there?"

But nobody answer.

Mrs Salt took a closer look. She knee down in the edge of the hole. And then the squirrel behind her gave here a push.

"Oh,no!" said Mr Salt. As he watched his wife get down the pipe. "What is it like down there, Angina?" asked Mr Salt to his wife.

He move forward a bit. 

Then a squirrel pushed him....

"HELP" he shouted

But he already slip down the pipe

"Oh,no!" cried Charlie, " What is going to happen to them now?"

"I hope someone will catch them." said Mr Wonka.

"Listen, here is another song." said Grandpa Joe

'Veruca Salt!' sang the Oompa-Loompas. 

'Veruca Salt, the little brute, 

Has just gone down the rubbish chute 

(And as we very rightly thought 

That in a case like this we ought 

To see the thing completely through, 

We've polished off her parents, too). 

Down goes Veruca! Down the drain! 

And here, perhaps, we should explain 

That she will meet, as she descends, 

A rather different set of friends 

To those that she has left behind — 

These won't be nearly so refined. 

A fish head, for example, cut 

This morning from a halibut. 

"Hello! Good morning! How d'you do? 

How nice to meet you! How are you?" 

And then a little further down 

A mass of others gather round: 

A bacon rind, some rancid lard, 

A loaf of bread gone stale and hard, 

A steak that nobody could chew, 

An oyster from an oyster stew, 

Some liverwurst so old and grey 

One swelled it from a mile away, 

A rotten nut, a reeky pear, 

A thing the cat left on the stair, 

And lots of other things as well, 

Each with a rather horrid smell. 

These are Veruca's new-found friends 

That she will meet as she descends, 

And this is the price she has to pay 

For going so very far astray. 

But now, my dears, we think you might 

Be wondering — is it really right 

That every single bit of blame 

And all the scolding and the shame 

Should fall upon Veruca Salt? 

Is she the only one at fault? 

For though she's spoiled, and dreadfully so, 

A girl can't spoil herself, you know. 

Who spoiled her, then? Ah, who indeed? 

Who pandered to her every need? 

Who turned her into such a brat? 

Who are the culprits? Who did that? 

Alas! You needn't look so far 

To find out who these sinners are. 

They are (and this is very sad) 

Her loving parents, MUM and DAD. 

And that is why we're glad they fell 

Into the rubbish chute as well.' 

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Miranda P mengatakan...

Wonderful Visitor Map!

You just put your visitor map for 2 months and there was 200 visitor!
I had 70 visitor in my old visitor map but I deleted it!
It's a big MISTAKE!
Well I guess I have to wait!(maybe)