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Kamis, 22 Mei 2008


Hi everyone, do you know where did grade 5 go for their field trip? Have you ever been to a waterfall before? Do you realize how beautiful is your environment? Well, keep reading this article to find out where did grade 5 go for their field trip.

On the 13th of May grade 5 went to the waterfall in Mount Pancar. This will be grade 5's last field trip. First of all we go by the bus to Mount Pancar and then we have to walk through the rocky roads to be at the waterfall. Some people help us to walk. It was really hard for some of us because we never hike before. The road was very rocky, full of trees and holes that make our walk even harder. The road is also very small and mud was everywhere. The mud makes the road became very slippery. We were very tired and some of us started complaining. The sun was very bright that day. So, lucky for us. Finally we made to the waterfall. We all shouted "EUREKA!" means we found it. Then, we started taking of our shoes and ran of to the waterfall. SPLASH! as we jump in. We all have fun together. We started taking pictures and the teachers was only standing up waiting for us to finish playing with the water. We may not get near the water that had just went down because we might get hurt. We have about 10 minutes to play with the water because we have another 4 kilometers to pass. We all change our clothes and start eating in a place that is called "lesehan" its in Indonesian. After we eat we started our LONG walk. Me, Michelle T and Mrs Jane walk very slowly because we started to enjoy the environment. This time we walk through the other path because we want to experience other things. This road is better than the one before. Its bigger and the road were not really rocky. 
When we finally made it to the bus, we started cheering. There is another problem. The problem is that the air conditioner doesn't work, but its ok at least we don't have to walk to the school. 

So, that is grade 5 field trip to Mount Pancar. Are you interested of going to Mount Pancar? If you are directly order a ticket to Indonesia.

2 komentar:

Mr Lietze mengatakan...

Hi Michelle

Thank you for leaving a comment of E3's blog :+)

Yes I had fun overseas with my wife. Your post reminds me of one of the locations we visited because it was a HUGE waterfull. It was the Niagara Falls
Follow the link to see a picture and read some facts. There are two falls; one on the Canadian side and one on the American side because the falls sit on the border between Canada and America.

Bless you
Mr Lietze

Jane Ross mengatakan...

Good post Michelle. Please remember to write in past tense consistently. For example hiked not 'hike'. You have described the trip well 8.5/10