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Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

Grade 5!!! I MISS YOU GUYS

Hello my friends in grade 5 or should I call grade 6, I miss you all ready. When can school start?
Ibu Hana, Mrs Jane I miss both of you. I'm bored at home. Please post a comment.
Hope you got a good holiday!

To grade 5 who's almost grade 6,

I miss you and I will never stop thinking of you wherever I go.


1 komentar:

Alizka1998 mengatakan...

Oh Michelle P!!!! I miss you, too! It's only been like, A WEEK! Oh, I can't wait until school starts and we're all going to be GRADE 6 AT LAST!!! Yes, I agree, I will miss both teachers, Ibu Hana and Mrs Jane A LOT!! I will miss how they taught us, I will miss how they make jokes with us, especially I WILL BE MISSING HOW FUN WE HAD THIS YEAR WITH THEM!! Hope Mrs. Jane and Ibu Hana all lucks!